is an alpha-stage online chat protocol and system based on the WebSocket and MessagePack technologies with a focus on decentralization, censorship resistance, privacy and usability. Check out the docs!

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17.02.2020, ver 0.1.3

Its been a while.
- switched from JSON to MessagePack
- added file upload functionality
- added file attachments
- added an HTTP endpoint for serving files
- updated perms
- changed parameters
- fixed bugs

12.06.2019, ver 0.1.2
Big titted update!
- added ability to create, edit and delete roles
- added the ability to edit and delete channels
- added the ability to assign roles to users (and/or remove them)
- small global permission change cause i forgot some
- a few fixes
- (propably) a fuckload of new undiscovered bugs

24.05.2019, ver 0.1.1
- added the ability to add channels
- implemented pin-related features
- small syntax changes

10.05.2019, ver 0.1.0
- full rewrite of the old shit to js
- added new ECDH based auth
- permissions overhaul (specifics are WIP)
- small syntax changes
- less shitty code -> performance increase